Study on Wage Theft in Alachua County.

Risep studyFlorida International University’s Research Institute on Social and Economic Policy (RISEP) has published a study on wage theft in Alachua County. We encourgae all to dowload the pdf file, and read it to gain a better understanding of the scope of the problem in our community. For a brief summary of the study, read below.

“This report reveals that over a million dollars of unpaid wages have been recovered and because we know that a large percentage of Florida’s workforce is not covered by federal or state laws, the number of cases that go unreported and the amount of unpaid wages is likely to be two to three times what we have reported. This implies that over $2 to $3 million dollars are lost and never recovered in the two years of data that we analyzed. Policy makers in Alachua County and Florida need to consider the ramifications of our counties and state becoming a glaring example of one that tolerates and even encourages wage violations.

Unscrupulous employers are with impunity breaking laws that not only protect employees, but also are critical to maintaining a fair and competitive business environment, which is so critical to Florida’s economy.”


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