Wage Recovery Ordinance passes in Alachua County!

victoryOn Tuesday, April 16th, the Alachua County Board of County Commissioners voted 3-2 in favor of passing a Wage Recovery Ordinance in Alachua County.

(Read the Gainesville Sun coverage HERE)

It is unusual for business owners, religious leaders, community organizations, individual residents, and elected officials to come together to work on a common goal. It is even more unusual to see our goal become a reality.
The Task Force believes that Alachua County’s passage of the state’s third Wage Theft Ordinance (Wage Recovery Ordinance, in our case) will be recognized as a model to improve business relations and fairness in the workplace.

We would like to thank every single individual, business, and organization who came together to make democracy work in favor of those who need it most. We would also like to recognize Alachua County Commissioners Mike Byerly, Hutch Hutchinson, and Charles “Chuck” Chestnut for their leadership and willingness to work with the Task Force in order to protect their constituents and local businesses.

(Click on each commissioner’s name to send them a Thank You Note!!!)

As we celebrate, we should also bear in mind that our work is not over. We must continue to organize against Tallahassee’s preemption bills that could undo all of our hard work.

The last day of session is Friday, May 3rd, and even though the senate bill has ran into some obstacles, we shouldn’t put it past Tallahassee to pull a stunt at the last minute. Keep making phone calls to the Judiciary Committee until the 23rd!!

Together we can celebrate a complete victory on Friday, May 3.

-The Task Force

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