Documents on Wage Theft in Florida

Fact Sheet – WT Report

RISEP – Wage Theft Report – A Statewide Problem – Fact Sheet copy

A Snap Shot of Wage Theft in Alachua County

Comparison Study of Palm Beach County Legal Aid Vs Miami-Dade Counties Wage Theft Ordinance

Palm Beach County PEACE white paper

Documents on the Miami-Dade Wage Theft Ordinance

Miami-Dade Wage Theft Ordinance Process

Miami-Dade Wage Theft Ordinance FAQ

SBD – WT Intake Form (English)

SBD – WT Intake Form (Spanish)

Ordinance – Miami-Dade Portal

Wage Recovery Ordinance – Broward County

Documents on the Legality of a Wage Theft Ordinance

NELP Analysis of House Bill 241

Key points from the Order on Defendant_s Motion to Dismiss

Article V Arguments

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