Endorsements / Sign On

Endorsing Organizations


Alachua County NAACP

North Central Florida Central Labor Council 

League of Women Voters of Alachua County/Gainesville

Alachua County Democrats

Alachua County Labor Party

International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 1205

Amalgamated Transit Union Local 1579

Graduate Assistants United at UF

Gainesville area Students for a Democratic Society

Interfaith Alliance for Immigrant Justice


Gainesville Dream Defenders 

Gainsville Industrial Workers of the World

National Women’s Liberation- Gainesville Chapter

Gainesville Veterans for Peace

United Faculty of Florida – UF

Civic Media Center

The Rural Women’s Health Project

CODEPINK Women for Peace

Alachua County Democratic Executive Committee

Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 67

Endorsing Businesses

North Florida Chapter of the National Electrical Contractors Association 

Miller Electric Company – Tim Rogers

Satchel’s Pizza

The Jones

Volta Coffee, Tea & Chocolate

Dragonfly Graphics

The Lunchbox Cafe

Alta Systems Inc – Rick Nesbit (Owner)

Video Rodeo – Roger Beebe (Owner)

Citizens Co-op

Maude’s Classic Cafe – Matthew Wrighton, owner

Hear Again Music- Andrew Schaer

Big Lou’s Pizza

Wild Iris Books

Gifts of Avalon


Frog Song Organics

Gainey Farm Fresh Produce

Radical Press Coffee Collective – Michelle Parker

Gainesville Sweets – Mustafa Hussain

Vine Bread & Pasta

Kate’s Fish Camp

The Midnight Cafe & Bar

Super Cool Bike Shop

Earth Pets of Gainesville

Archer Lawn Care Services  – Joe Suggs

8th Ave. Bike and Coffee – Ryan Aulton

Creative Advertising

Chestnut Funeral Home

Endorsing Religious Leaders

Rev. Larry J. Green of the Westminster Presbyterian Church

Rev. Eve B. MacMaster of the Gainesville Emmanuel Mennonite Church

Rev. Dr. Gregory Magruder, pastor of the Parkview Baptist Church

Rabbi David Kaiman of Congregation B’nai Israel

Rev. Ronald Owen, Associate Rector of Holy Trinity Episcopal Church

Rev. Dr. Richard L Palmer, Grace Presbyterian Church

Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Gainesville, Florida

Fr. Les Singleton, Vicar Church of the Mediator

Laura Joost-Kuhn, pastor of Covenant Presbyterian Church

Endorsing Representatives

Alachua County Commissioners

Robert “Hutch” Hutchinson 

Mike Byerly

Charles “Chuck” Chestnut IV

Alachua County Elected Officials

Von Fraser

Gunnar F. Paulson

Eileen F. Roy

City of Gainesville Commissioners

Craig Lowe

Susan Bottcher

Lauren Poe

Yvonne Hinson-Rawls

Randy Wells

Endorsing Individuals

Jeremiah Tattersall – Fight Back Florida

Cameron McCall – Industrial Workers of the World

Diana Moreno – Alachua County Labor Party

Rev. Larry Green

Tony Ladd

Dr. Gregory Magruder

Alice Primack

Roxane Bleiweis

Anthony J Cauterucci

Rosalba C. Cauterucci

Joyce Dewsbury

Leveda Brown

Miriam Welly Elliott

Kirsten R. Flamand

O. Stryker – UUFG

Dave Malinsky

Brian Wilson

Jamie Lee Marks

Ben Barthelme

Harvey Bostick

Gil Marshall

Trenton Brown

Cynthia Gainey

Tracey Johns

Kathy Kidder

Endorsing Individuals Cont’d

John Johnson

Paul C. Parker

Mary Frances Folz Donahue, President Amalgamated Transit Union Local 1579

Marie Dino

John L Mitcheltree III

Lauren Byers

Pamela Maldonado

Diana Moreno

Meredith Kite

Candy Herrera

Paul Ortiz

Sheila Payne

Richard K. MacMaster

Gaby Gross

Karen McCann

Robert Hofer

Brian Dempsey

Rosanna Gill

James Ingle – International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Union Local 1205

Sylvia Arnold

Pamela Coughlin

Gay Zieger

Otto M. Olsen

Corinne M. Olsen

Bob Zieger

Jon Reiskind

Mark Davidson – United Faculty of Florida

Janet Woods

William P. Healy

Margaret A. Parrish

Jose Soto – Graduate Assistants United at UF

Gunner Paulson – American Federation of Teachers

Francis P. Fitzpatrick Jr.

Jean Robinson

J. Clint Robinson

Michelle Ott

Mike Williams – Florida AFL – CIO

Estefania Galvis

Dave Schneider

Gregory Jones – Actors Equity Association

Annette Gilley – Occupy Gainesville

Alexandra Leader – Alachua County Labor Party

Zot Lynn Szurgot

Mary Andrews

Dave Hennig

Karen Lightstone

Nancy Shebeneck

Margaret Cameron

Chelsea Hetelson

Joye Barnes

Harry Patterson

Deborah McCaughin

Gerard J. Coughlin

Kathryn Whipple – Citizens Co-op

Abigail Goldsmith – Civic Media Center

Russell Roy

Linda Bassham

Garrett Quinlivin

Richard Trachsel

Michela Martinazzi – Students for a Democratic Society

Farah Khan

Karen Epple – Move On

Sandy Douglas

Erica Merrell – Wild Iris Books

Virginia Campbell

Dennis Shuman

Fran Ricardo – Rural Women’s Health Project

Anthony J Cauterucci

Nora Zaki

Joan C. Anderson

Oscar Sam Harris III

Albert Meyer

Justine Mara Anderson

Alan Geering

Scott Billings

Scott Camil

Kevin Tighe – North Florida NECA, Gainesville Division

Jennifer Kenny

Douglas Williams IBEW

Lee Bowen – IBEW 1205

Maya Velesko Garner

Jamie Lee Marks

Ben Barthelme

Harvey Bostick

Gil Marshall- Veterans for Peace

Trenton Brown

Cynthia Gainey

Tracey Johns

Leslie Johnson- Zeta Phi Beta

Jacqueline Betz – CODEPINK Women for Peace

Colin Kohair

Paul E. J. Martin – IBEW Local 1205

Whitney Mutch

Robert Prather – Alachua County Democratic Party

Samuel A. Mutch The Law Office of Samuel A. Mutch, P.A.

Jane Mutch

Hollis Mutch

Alicia Antone, the director of the Matheson Museum (for identification purposes only).

Lisa Labbe

Elizabeth Labbe

Patrick Dodds

Sica Gallagher

6 thoughts on “Endorsements / Sign On

  1. It is a wonderful development that awareness of this crimes has come to the Gainesville/Alachua County area and that energy is building for action to protect victims of wage theft in our community.

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